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Two-photon uncaging of neurochemicals using inorganic metal complexes.

V.Nikolenko, R.Yuste, L.Zayat, L.M.Baraldo and R.Etchenique

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Wiring Enzymes in Nanoestructures Built with Electrostatically Self-Assembled Thin Films.

A Wolosiuk, E.J. Calvo

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Biomimetics with self-assembled monolayer of catalytically active tethered isoalloxazine on Au.

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Cell Growth at Cavities Created Inside Silica Monoliths Synthesized by Sol-Gel.

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The Reactions of Nitrosyl Complexes with Cysteine.

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Gadolinium and Neodymium Citrates: Evidence for weak ferromagnetic exchange between gadolinium (III) cations.

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