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Memoria Anual

The scientific activities at INQUIMAE encompass basic research in chemistry with training of research students and Applied Research and Development through contract research and services in chemistry with the Industry, Specialized Training Courses, and Special Conferences.
INQUIMAE offers to the Industry and Government Agencies both high technology services and contract research and development, under confidential agreements to protect industrial property. Several patents have been filed at the national and international level.
INQUIMAE also offers its research laboratories to students who apply for PhD training grants from CONICET, the University of Buenos Aires, the Agency for Development of Science and Technology (ANPCyT), and international funding agencies.
In specialized techniques such as C,N,S,O elemental microanalysis, X-ray diffraction, FTIR reflection and diffuse reflection spectroscopies, DSC, XPS/UPS, X-Ray Diffraction, etc. INQUIMAE provides services to other research Institutes of CONICET and universities along the country.
663 International Peer Review Publications (80 in 2008), increasing impact of scientific work.
65 PhD Theses completed in the period 1995-2008. Many of whom work at industry in Argentina and abroad.
12 International and National Patents for Technology development.
1 Leading case of Industrial Property sale to Tenaris Coorporation for u$s 50.000 (USPO 20050176592).
4 Research Students supported by cooperation CONICET-Industry (Tenaris, Fudetec, Fresenius, Temis).
2 Awards INNOVAR for applied research (2006, 2008).
Several Research Fellows hold John Simon Guggenheim, Konex, Bernardo Houssay and Funprecit Awards,
von Humboldt Fellows, etc.
Financial support from Institutions and Companies (ie. GTZ, Motorola SPS, NSF, Volkswagen Foundation,
Wellcome Trust, Max-Planck Gesselschaft, etc).